Daniel Rosehill, Founder

Daniel Rosehill is an oleh hadash originally from Ireland who has successfully withstood about six years of living in Jerusalem without going insane (mostly).

He founded After Aliyah because he thought that there was a gap in the English-language blogosphere (webosphere?): a resource focused on sharing practical how-to guides and opinions about how to make a life in Israel — and one that wasn’t also trying to sell people on making aliyah.

Having interacted with many olim, Daniel understood that there were olim who wouldn’t be able to order groceries online (or medicine) without the help of a YouTube video. So he started writing posts and recording videos telling people how to do both.

In his day to day existence, Daniel is (currently) working as a writer, mostly with technology clients. He previously managed marketing communications at startups and founded and ran a student news website in Ireland. So this is technically his second adventure in online publishing.

Daniel cares deeply about post-aliyah and wishes that more effort were expended on helping people stay in Israel and less on promoting Israel to the outside world. He set up this website for that reason.

After many years living in Israel he has also unfortunately picked up the penchant for bureaucracy. So, if you want to get in touch, rather than list his email here, he is going to insist that you fill out the form below.

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