Excitement among English-speakers in Israel as salt and vinegar crisps come to market

Long awaited development gives British and Irish olim something to smile about as mask restrictions ease

In a development that has sent English-speakers in Jerusalem and elsewhere into furious excitement, popular consumer food group Elit (עלית) has launched a brand of salt and vinegar crisps (American English: ‘chips’).

Salt and vinegar crisps in Jerusalem seen outside the Super Sapir supermarket in Arnona. Photo: Daniel Rosehill.

This is believed to be the first budget-friendly supermarket salt and vinegar crisps that have launched on the Israeli market. Their absence has been a longstanding bone of contention among Israel-based expats who often pine for products from their origin countries.

News began circulating on English-speaking Facebook groups several days ago that the crisps were sprouting up in stockists throughout the city.

One Secret Jerusalem commenter, Nati Israel, provided a link to Strauss Group’s online lookup tool. By entering the barcode number 7290115676990 users can call up a map displaying current official stockists in the Jerusalem area — although I tracked down the product in a supermarket that wasn’t on the official list.

The Strauss Group site has a lookup tool for eager crisp-hunters that want to track down the product. Screen capture from: Strauss-Group.co.il.

At the time of writing I was able to track down 41 stockists throughout the city:

As news of the product’s arrival spread among English-speakers, some posters expressed bemusement about what all the fuss was about. Those from countries with strong salt-and-vinegar crisp-eating traditions, however, appeared to harbor little doubts about the significance of the development.

How are the crisps?

Some commenters said that they compared favorably with Tayto’s salt and vinegar crisps — a popular brand in Ireland. Others, however, expressed disdain for the new fixture on the culinary scene. One disgruntled poster likened salt and vinegar crisps to “eating salad dressing.”

Israel-based English-speaking expats post their first moments enjoying salt and vinegar crisps

Jerusalem social-media influencer and food critic Shimshon Leshinsky poses with his first packet of salt and vinegar crisps enjoyed outside Zol Stock in Central Jerusalem. Photo: Courtesy / Shimshon Leshinsky.

Gabrielle Markowitz from Jerusalem shares: “photo below shows my treasure being delivered from Beit Shemesh by a friend. Heaven! I’ve waited 29 years for this.” Gabrielle subsequently decided to invest in 20 packets from Rami Levi, Talpiot. She says that she paid 3.50 NIS each.

Gabrielle Markowitz from Jerusalem receiving her consignment from a friend. Photo: Courtesy / Gabrielle Markowitz.
A man enjoys his first bag of crisps outside a Jerusalem supermarket.

Where did you enjoy your first packet of salt and vinegar crisps? Where did you find them? How much did you pay? Sent your photos to: [email protected].

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