Top Podcasts By Olim About Life In Israel

If you’re looking for English podcasts about living in Israel then there are a few options worth knowing about.

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Two Nice Jewish Boys

The eponymous duo behind Two Nice Jewish Boys are Naor Meninger, an independent filmmaker, and Eytan Weinstein, who is an interactive scriptwriter. The two interview plenty of Israel-living, English-speaking guests and pick their brains on what they do and life in Israel.

Recent episodes have included an elections guide and the CEO of SheCodes.

To learn more, and subscribe, visit the podcast’s website

Yalla Aliyah

Jordana and Yosef host interesting olim on a podcast that lives up to its subtitle “every oleh has a story.

Interviewees to date have included a Facebook content strategist, the owner of Jem’s Beer Factory, and PwC tax consultant.

To learn more, and subscribe, visit the podcast’s Facebook page

Bring Them Home

More ideologically driven, Josh Wander hosts the Bring Them Home podcast which makes the case that Diaspora Jews need to move to Israel (Wander runs a movement by the same name).

Although a lot of the show’s content is centered around the idea of encouraging aliyah Wander has also discussed subjects of interest to those already in Israel including how Israeli elections work and how to launch a career in Israel.

To learn more, and subscribe, visit the podcast’s home

The Borderliners Podcast

Hosted by Nina Rabinowitz and I, The Borderliners Podcast interviews “the people that nobody else wants to.”

Although we’ve only recorded four episodes so far, the show is a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the more colorful characters among the immigrant / olim community in Israel.

To learn more, and subscribe, visit the podcast’s homepage

The After Aliyah Podcast

The one episode of this website’s podcast so far has explained roughly the purpose of this website. More may be coming up soon.

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