Netflix Shows for Learning Hebrew – With Links

So with all the ‘at home’ time that social isolation entails I’m currently trying to use my time productively to improve my Hebrew while watching Netflix.

If I haven’t mentioned my love of languages before then this seems like a good time to: I’m a big fan of learning languages but believe that there are a lot of great ways to build vocabulary and confidence that don’t involve learning conjugation tables out of a textbook.

Some of my favorite methods are:

  • Watching movies/TV in your target language with your subtitles in your native language (when you get more advanced and have enough vocab to figure out missing words by context you can watch with subtitles in the target language too).
  • Translating lyrics in a target language. The beauty of this method is that you can enjoy listening to music while reinforcing vocabulary that you have picked up. Although the range of language used in most popular music tends to be rather limited, this is also a good way of learning idioms and the “real” vernacular — rather than that which is presented in textbooks.
  • Talking to people! Of course, the best way to improve any language is to speak it and listen and you’ll never become fluent by watching TV shows alone. But you’ll be a lot more confident in this setting once you have a good basic vocabulary under your belt. So these strategies work nicely in tandem.

For what it’s worth, my Hebrew — after living in Israel for five years — is inexcusably bad, although I hold myself to a pretty tough yardstick (I have several friends — all American — who would proudly describe themselves as “totally fluent” but whose Hebrew I would call “conversational”. So if I get to the point where I can describe myself as “totally fluent” trust that it will be the real deal!)

My excuses? Life has been far too busy since moving here and I spend too much time working in English and around English speakers (as wonderful people as they are). Nevertheless, with a bit of time and effort, I am certain that moving from working proficiency to fluency is easily within my grasp. I just need a lot more exposure and practice — although I have a very good feeling that this will be the year when I take a step up.

So, without further a-do, if you have a Netflix account, here’s what I found that has audio in Hebrew and English subtitles.

(I’ve no free reproduction imagery to reproduce so sorry for the lack of photos!)

1. Shtisel

Hebrew audio: Yes

English subtitles: Yes

Shitel takes you inside (fictional) life within an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem, exploring the “love, loss, and doldrums of daily life.”

When trying to learn a language by watching a TV series, besides finding it at least tolerably interesting, you’re looking for decent volume: something that’s being produced on an ongoing basis and putting out a lot of episodes.

Shtisel isn’t too bad in this regard: at the time of writing there are 2 series on Netflix with 12 episodes each.

2. Fauda

Hebrew audio: Yes

English subtitles: Yes

Fauda portrays the fictional escapades of an IDF undercover unit infiltrating dangerous areas in the West Bank.

Like Shtisel, Fauda has decent volume on its side.

3 Kaholim

Hebrew audio: Yes

English subtitles: No

Kaholim gives you an inside look at the life of the Israel Police.

Unfortunately it’s nowhere near as interesting as the now pulled (and disgraced) ‘Jerusalem District’ by Kan. But at least it’s probably actually real.

4. When Heroes Fly

Hebrew audio: Yes

English subtitles: Yes

When Heroes Fly is a 10 part (fictional) series telling the tail of an army veteran who is on a mission to relocate his ex-girlfriend who he believed to be deceased.

5. Hostages

Hebrew audio: Yes

English subtitles: Yes

A crime fiction showing a family that is held at gunpoint in their home. Not a big fan but two seasons of episodes.

Descriptions Coming Soon For:

Subtitle and audio info pending check:

Hatufim / Prisoners of War


Mossad 101

Miller’s Crossing

Residents – docuseries about medical residents

Yellow Peppers

HaShoter HaTov / The Good Policeman

What’s This Bullsh*t

Ramzor / Traffic Light

Erets Nehederet (famous comedy show)

The Baker and the Beauty

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