How To Use Super Pharm To Order Prescription Medications Online

Update 30/03: Super Pharm is now offering free delivery of prescription medications for those over 65. Prescriptions must still be digital to use the system.

During these crazy days of the coronavirus, I think it’s important that we all pitch together to help figure out ways to stay safe — and indoors.

Although the situation is changing extremely rapidly, the latest official government guidance in Israel is for everybody to “remain indoors and leave the house only when it is absolutely essential.”

Two activities have been commonly put forward as being “essential” — and these businesses are likely to remain open even if the “total lockdown” enforced by police eventuates, which at the moment is uncertain. These are:

  • Buying groceries
  • Buying prescription medications

Most of us know how to do our groceries online with Shufersal and other options.

But did you know that you can order prescription medications to your door with Super Pharm for 29 NIS (and for free if your order comes to more than 249 NIS?)

It’s still a “lesser known” trick — at least among English speakers in Israel.

So without any further a-do, and in the interest of helping people to #stayhome where at all possible, here’s how. (The whole process should take no more than 5 minutes).

1: Set Up An Account

The first thing you’ll need is to set up an account over on Super Pharm’s website.

Click on הרשמה to do that:

And then fill out your details.

You’ll need:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • And to choose a password

2: Connect Your Health Fund Account

Next, you’ll want to visit the following URL in order to access the Pharmacy section of the Super Pharm website:

At the time of writing, Super Pharm can import digital prescriptions from the following three health maintenance organizations (HMOs), which are called kupot holim in Hebrew.

  • Maccabi
  • Meuhedet
  • Clalit

In order to import your prescriptions, simply click on your HMO’s logo from the homescreen.

I’m with Maccabi.

Then, click: להזדהות to proceed to the integration with Maccabi — or the HMO you are with.

Next, you’ll be asked to enter your Teudat Zehut (national identity number) and your date of birth.

You’ll need to authenticate the connection by inputting a One Time Password (OTP) which the system can deliver via SMS or by email.

I always choose email, but go for which ever is more convenient for you and click on receive code (קבלת קוד חד פעמי) in order to send the credential.

You will receive the code/SMS instantaneously by email from Macabbi:

Enter it to permit the integration:

3: Import Your Digital Prescriptions

The Super Pharm system will automatically populate a list of all your existing digital prescriptions for you. Here are some of my goodies for asthma and GERD:

Use the tick boxes and the quantity selectors to choose the quantity and medications that you need.

You’ll see the estimated spend at the bottom of the screen (to demonstrate this, I’m just buying a Ventolin inhaler).

4: Choose Pick Up Or Home Delivery

Finally, you will have the option to either choose pick up or opt for home delivery.

Delivery costs 29 NIS and is next day on all orders placed up to 18:00 IST.

If you spend more than 249 NIS, delivery is free (all prices correct only at the time of writing).

If you choose branch pick up, you’ll need to select a branch:

If you opt for delivery you, of course, have to enter your address:

You’ll be asked all the questions you usually do when you visit the pharmacy in person:

  • Is this your first time taking the medication?
  • Do you know how to use the drug(s)?
  • And if you do would you like the pharmacist to explain how anyway?

You can also authorize collection by providing the name of a friend / family member and their national identity number. It’s the last section where there are two blank spaces, after you confirm that you accept the terms and conditions.

Finally, pay for the prescription. You’ll need a credit card for this:

And that’s it! The order is placed and you will receive a confirmation email with your order number.

If you opted for delivery, it will be delivered within the stated time frame.

If you want to follow the status of your order you can do that by clicking on ההזמנות שלי

On that page, you can view the status of all your open orders:


  • Super Pharm, Israel’s largest chain of pharmacies, lets you order prescription medications online.
  • Their system works with digital prescriptions issued by doctors in Macabbi, Meuhedet, and Clalit.
  • Delivery costs 29 NIS; it’s free over 249 NIS; it’s next day on all orders placed before 18:00.
  • There is also an option to pick up in your preferred branch (for free).

And most importantly for the purpose of helping the government delay the spread of the coronavirus:

  • If you are in isolation/quarantine and have Macabbi/Meuhedet/Clalit, there is no need to leave your house in order to receive prescription medications.

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