How (and where) to buy alcohol online in Israel

Purim kicks off this evening. And as we just mentioned, that means that — this year — guys and girls around the country are preparing to get drunk on Zoom calls.

All this of course begs the question: but how can you buy alcohol online in Israel?

Bad news for Purim revelers – it’s possibly too late for online delivery. Good news for Purim revelers — you can buy from your local liquor store.

Without further introductions, here are some places you can buy alcohol online in Israel. Just be prepared to show ID to the guy that comes to your door.


If you’re looking for the best selection of alcohol online in Israel, then is my top recommendation.

And there’s good news for olim whose linguistic talents don’t extend beyond “od bira bevakash” (another beer please): there’s an English version too.

Paneco has an English version

What goodies can you scoop up on Paneco:

  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Beer

There’s also home delivery throughout the country. But this isn’t an advertisement for Paneco so we’ll leave it up to you to figure out all the details.

Shufersal, Rami Levi

Shufersal is one of the major grocery stores in Israel and has a decent online interface.

If you’re really stuck with the Hebrew and are just trying to order beer online, then try Google Translate and run this into the search box.

You can add alcohol to your Shufersal order and get it delivered to wherever Shufersal delivers.

If you’re more a Rami Levi type guy (or gal) then you can order alcohol online through their site. Just be aware that they don’t deliver everywhere in the country.

Local Liqor Stores

Ecommerce is taking Israel by storm and there are loads of liquor stores that are now allowing you to buy online and get delivered.

If you’re in Jerusalem, then check out HaMesameach ( which is located close to the shuk and which recently launched a slick web store and delivery service.

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