Aliyah Bloggers That Should Be On Your Radar

Living in Israel is a fascinating roller-coaster of sorts. Books have been written by olim about their experience in Israel. People blog about it too.

If you’re interested in gathering more perspectives from olim who have made the journey to Israel then check out some of these sites.tst

The Times of Israel Blogs

The Times of Israel runs a blog page that receives contributions from a veritable army of writers based around the world.

Aliyah is a frequent topic of conversation among the online publication’s contributors.

To follow the aliyah tag on Times of Israel (Blogs), click here.

My Aliyah Story

Rachel van Koningsveld (don’t ask me to pronounce that) made aliyah from Dallas, Texas, and blogs on myaliyahstory about her life in Eli, near Jerusalem.

My Aliyah Story is a candid account of both the author’s aliyah and her feelings about various issues in Israel — such as the sometimes thorny issue of getting your mail packages to …. actually arrive.

Rachel’s blog is also active on Facebook.

Adventures In Aliyah Land

Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod describes herself as a “freelance writer and supermama.”

She shares her thoughts about everything aliyah-related on Adventures in Aliyah Land and also puts out a free weekly newsletter containing her top aliyah tips.

MacLeod’s blog contains lots of interesting — and opinionated — insights into life in Israel.

Olim Advisors Blog

Set up by sister and brother team Lara Itzhaki and Rafi Shulman, Olim Advisors has helped hundreds of olim from around the US, UK, and elsewhere to integrate into Israel.

The organization says that its mission statement is to ensure that olims’ aliyah experience “is as smooth and stress-free as possible.”

The organization’s website hosts a blog that contains insights about life in Israel.

Bat Aliyah

‘Bat aliyah’ means ‘daughter of aliyah’ in Hebrew.

This blog is published anonymously and deals less with the practicalities of living in Israel and more with the author’s viewpoints about the hashgafik significance of aliyah and other religious thoughts.

Know of any others? Drop us a line.

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