Anonymous Story To Share? Talk To Shlomo And Soroh!

Sometimes there are reasons to stay anonymous. That’s why we scoured the length of the country (from Beit Shemesh to Ramat Beit Shemesh, that is) to bring you some of the hottest new talents on the Anglo journalism scene.

Do you have a story about your aliyah experience that you’re not (quite) willing to go public with? After Aliyah’s anonymous experience reporter Shlomo Cohen, and his trusty sidekick Soroh Feinstein, are the man (and woman) for the job! An oleh hadash from the US now living in Beit Shemesh, Shlomo’s purpose is to allow After Aliyah readers to share valuable perspectives and experiences from Israel without revealing their true identity. Soroh doesn’t really say much about how she got here. But she often asks on social media forums about where to find Philadelphia Cream Cheese in Beit Shemesh.

Please note that Shlomo (and Soroh) will not (under any circumstance):
🚫 Post whistleblowing. We don’t have the insurance to fend off lawsuits.
🚫 Post anything containing personally identifiable information (whether of you or anybody identified in your writings).

They’re here to share positive and inspiring stories that might help other olim. Seedy gossip-mongering isn’t really their thing. Also Shlomo is a ba’al teshuva and he’s trying to be makpeed about not talking lashon hara. So if that’s the dirt you’re trying to diss around, take your lousy anonymous tip elsewhere.

The After Aliyah Anonymous Reporting Team

Shlomo CohenSoroh Feinstein
Head of anonymous reporting (males)Head of anonymous reporting (females)
anon at afteraliyah dot comanon2 at afteraliyah dot com

Note: we will endeavor to have a real breathing female receiving Soroh’s address but we can’t guarantee that this will be possible.

For your information: should your disclosure be published, Shlomo and Soroh’s contributions will be met with a disclaimer that After Aliyah could not verify the veracity of the material being shared.

And — as we have mentioned — this positive pair of do-gooders would rather be used to share positive information that could help other olim than to vent about how your crummy landlord wouldn’t fix your roof after it caved in. Not ready to tell the world how you figured out a way to make a good salary and how much you make? That’s probably a good idea. But Shlomo would be happy to do your bidding!

Note: the submission of information to Shlomo does not constitute an agreement on the part of the website’s publishers to publish the disclosure. Any data received will be stored and processed in accordance with After Aliyah’s privacy and data retention policy and subject to deletion. In normal language: we don’t want to handle sketchy information and if it’s not of interest please trust that we’ll be deleting the files from Dropbox (before Shlomo can get his next falafel fix).

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