About After Aliyah

After Aliyah is a blog, website, and informational resource containing articles and resources of interest to English-speaking olim in Israel.

After Aliyah is a not-for-profit /hobby and focuses (primarily) on post-aliyah and subjects of interest to olim who are already in Israel. Its sole remit is to publish information. It is not a support organization and does not provide advice to olim.

Topics that we’re interested in covering include essentially anything of interest to English-speaking olim in Israel. Some examples:

  • Currency transfers;
  • Taxation and residency issues;
  • Freelancing and self-employment

After Aliyah’s vision (explained more thoroughly here) is to maintain an honest and pragmatic informational resource about living in Israel for English speakers. Why do we see this project as having a unique space in the English speaking blogosphere? While there are many websites that present “how-tos” about life in Israel intended for English speakers:

  • Many are authored by organizations promoting aliyah and are (arguably) thus both promotional and informational in nature.
  • Such websites tend to consist either informational guides or blog posts offering the valuable perspectives of current olim. The idea of this site is to present both side by side to offer a complete picture of what it’s really like to live in Israel and the various ways in which olim contribute to Israeli society and manage to make a life here. Both perspectives and cold hard facts are welcome here. We feel like one needs a bit of both to really understand life in Israel.

This site therefore hosts:

  • Guides about various aspects of living in Israel, ranging from buying groceries to exchanging currencies;
  • Blogs offering perspectives from current olim on issues relating to aliyah (moving to Israel), klita (absorption), and others
  • News pertinent to olim and aliyah — with a focus on issues affecting olim that are already here.
  • A podcast available on major podcatchers
  • A YouTube channel with video content


The site’s mission is to provide as much useful information about life in Israel as possible, without showing preference to information that construes life in Israel in a positive (or negative) light.

Resources for those that want a more in-depth overview:


Disclaimer: After Aliyah offers no warranty as to the accuracy of any information contained in these web pages, including articles and other content contributed by third parties. In particular, those looking for advice on accountancy and other professional matters are advised to consult with paid service providers. By browsing the website, you agree to these terms.

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AfterAliyah.com was founded by Daniel Rosehill, an oleh hadash originally from Ireland.

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